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Hannah Butler

Hannah Butler

Director for Coaching Practice



Hannah is an esteemed professional, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience in coaching and mentoring to her multifaceted career. Holding an MSc in Coaching and Mentoring and a PGC in Education, Hannah's academic foundation complements her deep-seated practical knowledge. As a Master Practitioner in StrengthScope diagnostics and an EMCC Senior Practitioner, she stands as a respected colleague in her field.

Her specialisation lies in group and team coaching, primarily working with senior and executive leaders within the public and voluntary sectors. Hannah works to cultivate potential and nurture wellbeing within these organisations. Her commitment to making a tangible difference in professional environments is evident through her ongoing project and research, "Creating...Space," focusing on reducing burnout, enhancing wellbeing, and streamlining efficiency within NHS practices.

Currently serving as the Director for Coaching Practice with EMCC UK, Hannah brings her expertise to the forefront of coaching practices. Simultaneously, she leads Sensus Coaching Ltd, where she delivers impactful coaching solutions tailored to the unique needs of her clients.

One of Hannah's passions is developing reflective group practice. Her expertise in this area has culminated in writing the opening chapter, "Understanding the Territory of Reflective Practice," in "Creating the Reflective Habit" (Lucas 2023). Her commitment to advancing reflective practices underscores her dedication to enhancing professional growth and development in coaching.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Hannah's interests extend to continually exploring new dimensions of coaching and mentoring. Her unrelenting pursuit of knowledge and her dedication to creating spaces for growth and wellbeing demonstrate her commitment to making a meaningful and lasting impact within the coaching landscape.

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